Taylor Swift Said Selena Gomez is like My Sister: Both are beautiful, young, famous, talented and “best friend”. In an interview with Brazilian magazine ‘Capricho‘ country singer said it values ​​the friendship of both Selena and considers this to be such a good friend.

Taylor Swift Said Selena Gomez is like My Sister
Taylor Swift: "Selena Gomez is like My Sister"

    Taylor Swift is sure that the girlfriend of Justin Bieber is not only beautiful and talented, but also a great friend to many virtues:

She is trustworthy, never judge you and hear you know.”

Then she adds: “We’ve been friends for four years and despite many things has continued with me, can say that we are almost like sisters.”

On the other hand, curiously Selena very good at choosing gifts, and always brings something that travels to Taylor.

Of all the gifts that made you Selena, Taylor has a favorite: “Once I brought a watch! Is very old and beautiful. I put in my driveway. So every day remember how good is it (Selena) with gifts.

Taylor is also a good friend of Selena’s boyfriend, Justin Bieber, in fact sing a song together. Although there are rumors about whether there might be something between them, Selena is clear that Taylor is her best friend and has full confidence in her boyfriend.