Kim Tae Hee Said Marriage Rumors Not True

Korean Actress Kim Tae Hee
Korean Actress Kim Tae Hee

Korean Actress Kim Tae Hee Said Marriage Rumors Not True: Kim Tae Hee told in a television interview on Friday that some have a nasty habit of slowly acquiring a life of their own.

Kim had been plagued by rumors that she will be marrying the wealthy successor to a conglomerate since 2009 and things have gone from bad to worse.

Korean Actress Kim Tae Hee
Korean Actress Kim Tae Hee

“It was not just a rumour that I was dating, but a rumour that I was already married, claiming that people I know had said they actually attended the wedding.

“Those who do not know the truth spread the rumors further. With so many people talking about it, more and more people took the rumors to be true,” lamented Kim.

“If even 0.00001 percent of the rumour is true, I would be deeply hurt.”

According to Kim, her marriage rumors badly damaged her image as a single and attractive actress, costing her numerous endorsement deals.

“My family once joked that I should act as though the whole rumour issue never happened. But this kind of things won’t go away so quickly. It will take a long time before it blows over!” said Kim.

Besides commenting on her marriage rumors, Kim who became an actress after a stint as an advertisement model, revealed that she wasn’t sure acting was her cup of tea in the beginning.

“When my first sitcom was cancelled after just two months, I thought perhaps acting was not suitable for me,” said Kim, who persevered and put up with criticism about her bad acting in a number of shows, before landing a starring role in the 2009 hit Korean drama “IRIS”.

The actress said she intended “IRIS” to be her swansong but decided to stay in showbiz after she received an award for her excellent performance in the spy thriller.

Kim went on to garner largely favourable reviews for her acting in the 2011 drama “My Princess”. via Channel News Asia