Google Doodle Celebrates Labour Day 2015

google doodle labor day

Google Doodle Celebrates The International Labour Day 2015:

Labor Day, also called International Workers’ Day or May Day has its origins in the late 19th century labor movement. One of the major contributors to Labor Day was the Haymarket Massacre.

google doodle labor dayThe May 4, 1886 A Chicago, Ill., The bombing killed seven police officers along with four civilians.

The explosion of dynamite was a response to the killing of peaceful demonstrators by police the day before.

After the bombing, eight anarchists were convicted of conspiracy and sentenced to death.

The case created international headlines because evidence any of those eight men suggested actually dropped the bomb.

Three years later, a French Socialist Party created an international day to honor the workers’ movement and set May 1 to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre.

Google Doodle honors the origins of Labor Day with graphs showing the tools of traditional manual work, as a measure of the key and tape.