8 Features We’d Love to See in Next iPhone 6

iPhone 6

8 Features We’d Love to See in Next iPhone 6: Apple has a unique opportunity to get to emphasize his new smartphone iPhone 6.

What are the features that make the iPhone 6 highlight among all of its range ?

iPhone 6The iPhone 6 is almost here. Since the screens are being delivered, are occurring metal frames that will house machinery and touch sensors are ready for installation, at least if we ignore the rumors that have been filtered.

But believe it or not , we know much less than we think we know and there are many surprises waiting for us with the new Apple terminal. Let’s analyze what are the characteristics that might make the iPhone 6 in an almost perfect machine that is likely to be included in the new terminal.

Large Screens and Sapphire

Apple will release two versions of the iPhone 5s substitute this year , it will increase the size considerably. The 4-inch screen that comes accompanying us from the iPhone 5 will be replaced , presumably by a 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1704 × 960 and a pixel density of 416ppi (pixels per inch).

But it seems that Apple will not stop here and it is possible, if all the rumors are confirmed, shortly after becoming another iPhone with a larger screen size. So far the rumors point to a 5.5-inch screen , although for a while there was talk of 5.6. Anyway the first phablet iOS would display with a resolution of 1080p resolution with 356 pixels per inch on a Retina screen, which will automatically become one of the leading contenders to the throne of terminals over 5 inches.

What seems clear is that it is a terminal screen with sapphire, and is said to have delivered the first batch of screens mounted the new iPhone 6.

Resistance to Water and Drops

The most widespread rumor about the material that the new iPhone will be built will insist in saying that Liquid Metal , the material chosen for the chassis of the terminal and, as we said above , come coated with a sapphire crystal screen. If this were true, the iPhone 6 would be the toughest on the market and lengthen terminal , and much, its life cycle.

In addition, Apple could follow Sony and Samsung and add water resistance to your terminal. If this were true, and is something we all desire and ask that happens, the new device would be one of the more robust models of the phone market.

Processor Faster and Better Graphics

If the iPhone 5s has a CPU doubling in speed and graphics which integrates the iPhone 5 is expected that something similar happens with the iPhone 6 and the new iPad . Both integrate the new A8 chip which , like the already integrated the iPhone 5s will be 64- bits.

The new A8 will , undoubtedly , faster than the previous management and improve the graphics , but so far everything else remains secret . Apple chips and their characteristics are one of the best kept secrets in Cupertino , so until we receive one benchmark after launch we can not have this information so we like to hear.

The Best Camera to date in an iPhone

Another feature that has continued to improve in every new terminal Apple is the camera. Much often talk about the need (or not) to increase the number of pixels in the camera. Are many who believe that the number of pixels improves the camera somehow : this belief is totally wrong.

It is highly probable that the integrating chamber iPhone 8MP 6 is , like the last iPhone 5s and 5c . But this does not mean that it will be in no way the same camera. An upgrade of both hardware and software that will integrate a larger sensor ( very important to improve the camera feature) and a new optical stabilizer is rumored .

More Storage

When in early 2013 Apple released the iPad in April with 128 GB of memory, all wanted to see a gesture from Apple to increase the storage capacity of the devices on the block , especially when not counting those with a slot to extend its capacity. But so far everything was a dream, however, have not stopped 8GB devices to gain a foothold in the market by offering a lower price than the other terminals with more memory.

Given that applications are becoming heavier and the number of HD videos and pictures in high resolution format does not stop growing , it is not uncommon to understand that customers no longer ask Apple to increase the minimum storage size in the new terminal . Now, with the presence of a larger iPhone , rumors again skyrocket. Nothing has been heard about it, but hopefully surprise us this time .

Wireless Internet Faster and more Stable

The LTE technology is present in almost everyone and increasingly more stably ensures fast Internet connection whenever the received signal is strong enough, but Apple can do little in this regard . What is very likely that the new iPhone 6 (or should we say start aa new iPhone in June?  Integrates a chip compatible with standard 801.11ac WiFi . These chips were used for the first time in recent AirPort and MacBook Air , so it’s more than likely also integrate with the iPhone it’s released this year.

Best Battery

This is definitely one of the most difficult points because we would all like to have a longer battery life , and more than one would not mind sacrificing some feature to have more hours of battery life at your disposal. The problem has no easy solution : technology has not advanced much , not to say that we are at a point very close to what we were a year ago.

To have a battery that lasts longer it will need to be larger , but if the phone increases its size , the battery can be larger , but so is the screen, so that we are in the same situation of energy consumption.

It is said , is discussed , it is rumored that Apple will change … level engineering board to improve consumption , but we can not expect real miracles.

Inductive Load

For those who do not yet know which sewed the inductive load , also called wireless , we say that it is the ability to load the terminal without having to connect the charger cable to the phone. Leave enough on a surface intended for that purpose. Currently there are different types of covers available that allow this feature is not available in the Apple phone . Google already been implemented in some terminals and leads him lead Apple, but neither seems to be the feature most valued by his acolytes.

What other developments could include the iPhone 6 ?

We could also talk about the possibility of payment by NFC , but this is rather difficult, since Apple seems to be betting on other technologies , more focused on iOS 8. And the new operating system from Apple is another post deserves which devote ourselves to talk about what we expect from the soul of Apple devices.

What else would you add ? What other things would you like to see in the next iPhone 6 Cupertino? The time for submission is approaching and although not yet know the exact date, we know that we are closer than ever to make it happen.