We Live in Black Hole – Theory or Reality?


We Live in Black Hole – Theory or Reality? Expands our universe 13.8 billion years ago , from the occurrence of the Big Bang . But what came before it ? To some physicists , nothing, time began to run only at the instant when the Big Bang occurred.

However , other scientists disagree and assume that in a moment immediately preceding the expansion , all the mass and energy of the universe that would be born were confined in an enormously dense dot , although finite : a “seed ” the new universe . It is believed that this seed has been much, much smaller than any particle ever discovered . Even so , she was able to generate all the particles , living beings , star clusters and galaxies we know .

The above considerations lead us to another problem : what would have created such a seed?

One idea, propagated by Nikodem Poplawski , University of New Haven , is that the generation of the seed of our universe has been the responsibility of a black hole.

Black holes are so very massive stars take on post mortem . When exhausts its fuel , a star of this type do not have enough to support the weight of its own gravity , which leads to extreme compression and the core collapse internal pressure . Since the collapse , the matter shall occupy a small space and its gravitational force gets out of control , going to suck all that is around you .

If we apply the notions of Einstein’s relativity in order to verify what happens inside a black hole, find a small and infinitely dense point , a theoretical concept called a singularity . However , infinity is no consensus in nature , a fact that contradicts the Einsteinium theories.

So Poplawski suggests that , within a black hole, the matter reaches a state from which it can not be crushed . The “seed” can be tiny and have a mass of millions of suns , but instead of a singularity , it would be real.

According to the physical , the compression process is interrupted by the spin of black holes , possibly with speed approaches the speed of light in vacuum.

This rotation has a twisting effect on the seed that can be reversed suddenly , creating what Poplawski calls the Great rebound , or Salto Grande (Big Bounce).

In other words, it is possible that the black hole is a channel one-way between two universes , so that , if we get him , the crushed particles that remain of us come to another universe . The researcher notes that this is not a universe be inside the other – black holes are just a connection.

This theory resonates with the proposal of the multi-verse , a huge amount of distinct universes ( including our universe is only one) that has been advocated by theorists in recent decades. This type of assertion remains speculative since there is no evidence proving that.

As for us , maybe derive-mos an older universe. The seed that has built such a universe , inside a black hole, may have ” jumped ” 13.8 billion years ago , and expanded rapidly since then , keeping us behind a curtain of gravity which not even light escapes.

Source via: National Geographic