US Government Shutdown: Obama Calls For “Negotiation”

Obama Connecticut shooting

US Government Shutdown 2013: Obama Calls For “Negotiation” Between Democrats and Republicans to avoid the ‘Government Shutdown’

Obama Connecticut shootingU.S. President Barack Obama said Monday that there was “resigned” to the Directors out of funds to pay civil servants and services – what is known as ‘Government Shutdown’ – and has called Democrats and Republicans to overcome differences and “Negotiate“.

Democrats, who control the Senate, have said they deleted the project to fund the federal government chapters related to ‘Obamacare’ and a tax provision for medical devices, which aims to fund the health program, and that will send a version of “clean “back to the House of Representatives.

However, the Republican majority in the House, have signaled they will cede and the deadline for reaching an agreement expires at midnight, when the government only funds available for basic expenses.

“I resign,” Obama said Monday in an appearance at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The U.S. president has defended the proposal debated in the Senate, since it avoids the ‘government shutdown’ and given time to “negotiate” long-term budget.

Obama, who has left open the possibility to keep talking on Monday about the economic debate, stressed that “Congress has two responsibilities,” specifically “approve a budget” and “pay the bills”.