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Themer: Free Android App To Change Theme in Single Click

ThemerThemer: Free Android App To Change Theme in Single Click, One of the biggest advantages of Android is the ability to modify it the operating system. Currently there are many applications that help us modify themes Android and pitching well.

Themer is a free Android app that lets you change the theme of your Android in a single click. Themer is more than a pitcher because you can customize your phone with themes and icons that best suits you .

Transform your home screen to something more pleasant, and is designed to fit the way you use your phone. Just choose one of the many free themes from the browser within the application and press apply . There are a variety of topics including sports, science fiction, nature , minimalism , movies, music and games.

Topics are updated daily and can be easily applied to your phone. Once you’ve installed the application , you can click to apply a theme and downloads from servers . You need to download the theme every time you want to install a new one.

Once you have applied the theme , to change it , just tap the screen and jump out the window of option to change it or choose a new theme.

The application is compatible with Android 4.1 and above. The best feature of the application is the amount of available themes to customize your phone . If you do not like your launcher or you already bored , try themer .

The application is currently in beta and you need an invitation code to start . You can sign up for one at : and added to the waiting list .

Overall, if you like customize your Android phone, then this is probably the best application of the moment.

Download: Themer Beta At Google Play Store

Muhammad Ali Zeeshan
Muhammad Ali Zeeshan
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