Play Poker on Your iPhone, iPad And Android


Play Poker on Your iPhone, iPad And Android: With the release of iOS 7 , Apple has once again become the most valuable company in the world . The value of its brand , even surpassed that of Coca – Cola in the month of September. And it is more than obvious that the big companies have electronic entertainment will be watching it.

poker-starsOne that is growing quite poker online. Even if you have never tanned play poker or any game – most do not like the lack of patience or luck – from the moment you give him a chance , it starts to get a little more interesting . If you resolve to give that chance in particular the application of poker Poker Stars for the iPhone is a nice alternative for beginners .

The app itself is very easy to use and the graphics are pretty impressive when you consider the graphics capability of the cell . It is basically a copy of what you see in computer application – in terms of image and gameplay . As to this , most of the features that you see on your desktop is there in the application. There are several varieties of card games present in the app: Texas Hold’em , the most famous of them is present .

For you who have never played , the logic is as follows : all players receive two cards in Texas Hold’em . These letters are not seen by any player . After receiving these letters , rolls a round of betting . Occurs after the flop : three community cards – that can be used by all players to form their games. Then another round of betting. After the flop open up two cards , one at a time . The turn – and after one more round – and the river , the last letter .

Besides Texas Hold’em ( most popular sport ) , there is Omaha and Stud . Omaha is the same as Texas Hold’em in terms of procedure. The only difference is that instead of two players receive four cards to start . And the stud for sure his father ever played with friends: is that poker classic, old west , in which each player receives 5 ​​cards – closed – and can exchange up to 3 to form their games. In all of them it is possible to have betting threshold ( a fixed limit or threshold of chips already in the table ) or not – providing , in this case, the known all-in.

After choosing the game , simply choose the mode. There are basically three available : free table ( or goes out when you want) , sit and go ( a mini tournament) and tournaments denser and time consuming.

Okay, now just download and play . Remembering , of course , you have the option of playing with play money – 1000 chips are credited to your account after you register , which is also free – or real money . In this case , you must make a deposit by credit card or slip site at Poker Stars . And in all cases the app is recommended for over 18 years.

The PokerStars Mobile Poker App is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and on Android devices, letting you play at the world’s largest poker site against the same players you’d face on your computer. The Mobile Poker App has been designed to fit perfectly on an iPhone or iPad screen, with easy-to-use features like quick seating and multi-tabling.

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