Obama Calls for Consensus: “The American People are Fed up with Washington”


Obama Calls for Consensus: “The American people are fed up with Washington”: U.S. President Barack Obama stated on Thursday that ” there are no winners or losers ” following the approval of the opening of the government and the debt ceiling increase , but has asked the political consensus because ” the American people are fed up with Washington. ”

However, the president stressed that ” credit and faith in the United States ” is not lost on the international stage despite the ” show” offered by Congress to keep the executive closed for 16 days.

We have to do much work for the American people and part of that work includes re- creating in us,” he stressed.

Obama has asked avoid heeding political commentators and has avoided the ” outside noise ” affecting ” how they see the congressmen daily work .” ” That does not mean we can not make progress ( … ) If we agree , we can move forward,” he added.


” We can not agree on issues that we accept everyone just because it is bad for the interests of each party ” , asked Obama , who has indicated that the United States has gone through “too many fiscal crises.”

” Disagreements should not mean a malfunction. ‘s Hopes and dreams of Americans are what matters , not we ourselves ” , said Obama, who has sent a message to federal workers who could not be in their jobs – or charge – during these two weeks .” Thanks for your service”

Obama also called on lawmakers to get to work to get approve the budget and an expensive deal to February , when the new term just debt ceiling . “Both sides must see how we make a balanced budget ,” said.

“The law adopted yesterday forced to budget together ,” stated the President in relation to the creation of a committee involving both parties to fix a joint account . ”

We must prevent parties seeking ideological get some accounts ,” stated Obama , referring to the creation of a commission.

On the other hand , Obama has advocated also by pass immigration reform , which foresees an increase “historical” of border security and the legalization of some 11 million people who are in the country illegally .

The president has asked the House of Representatives to approve the rule , as did the Senate , or to submit the amendments to consider to improve it.