LMFAO Redfoo And Miley Cyrus EMA 2013 Promotional Video


LMFAO Redfoo And Miley Cyrus EMA 2013 Promotional Video: MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) 2013 has launched a promotional video strips with the participation of LMFAO Redfoo and Miley Cyrus.

LMFAO Redfoo And Miley Cyrus MTV Promotional VideoIn the short clip, Redfoo is preparing for the flight to Amsterdam, where the EMAs 2013 . Airport staff are all we have pulled out of the suitcase handle secretarial member LMFAO , panties from polished leather bag, a baby crocodile to a sphere disco. When asked if he is not hiding anything in his pockets, Redfoo military has torn, revealing a more flashy panties.

Redfoo and capital bizarre suitcaseWhen opened the second suitcase, security personnel guy saw Miley in neatly inside. 20-year-old star costume ultra sexy, biting her lip, ogling and raised her hand stroking the chest security personnel provocative. Despite this, she looks so far … fed up as a few seconds earlier when exploring bizarre suitcase first Redfoo .

Miley Cyrus bizarre suitcaseRedfoo was finally over but the clip can not end until Miley appear and show off her famous tongue. 

In EMAs this year, Miley was nominated for 4 awards: Best Video, Best Female artist, Best Pop artistand for best American artists . EMAs 2013 will take place on November 10 in Amsterdam

If Miley decided to travel tucked into the suitcase, do not forget to stop breathing open zipper .