Google ‘Hacked’ in Malaysia by Team Madleets

Google Hacked in Malaysia

Google ‘Hacked’ in Malaysia by Team Madleets: Google Malaysia Site was ‘ hacked ‘ yesterday afternoon and replaced by a welcome screen where the group ‘Team Madleets’ Hacker 1337 claiming responsibility. The page has been idle for several hours and showed a list of nicknames.

Google Hacked in MalaysiaAlso, the website offered the message ” Google Malaysia trampled by pakistanleets ” .

In the top line of the screen appeared the phrase ” beaten by 1337 ,” a Pakistani hacker attacks made ​​already identical on pages eight smaller countries as Suriname or Antigua and Barbuda . Also, his Facebook profile , which is recorded as ” Leet Haxor ” , claims to be the founder of Madleets .

The computer hacked the domain administrator Malaysia, where he changed the DNS records for Google to their own servers . According to the website Cyber ​​-n , made ​​1337 traffic was affected by overloading their own beat .

Madleets group is defined as a community of “anti – hacker ” that aims to teach users to protect themselves. In his official Facebook page apologizing for the inconvenience caused to users Malays, but they say behind the attack “there is no kind of hatred.” “It was just a security alert . ‘ve Not hurt ,” they say .

The portal was contacted TechCrunch with hackers and received this response : ” There are not many reasons behind the coup , only to show that security is an illusion. No ” .

The group has said he has no political intentions . Meanwhile, Google Page Malaysia, which was also hacked in July by a group of hackers in Bangladesh , and is operating normally.

Hacker Used his Owned Server to host the Hijacked domains :

k [Primary Name Server]              SKEY0000032631        

l [Secondary Name Server]            SKEY0000032628        , and also was Hijacked by 1337 in this attack