Everypost: Post to all Your Social Networks From One App


everypostEverypost: Post to all Your Social Networks From One Android and iOS App: We know that there are times of day when you want to post a link to a song or video on all social networks you use, say that you liked the song a lot, so cut and paste this link on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

If you do this same process several times a day with different links or things you want to share, the copying and pasting can become very tired, so we present Everypost, an application with which you can post to all your social networks at the same time.

Everypost works as a publications center with support for various social networks through the application also can do photographic captures digital filter support or shorten web addresses so they can fit into the 140 characters of Twitter.

As I had said, also to publish and save content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Dropbox, but if you want, you could also send publications to the contacts you have in your address book.

Meet other features and things you can do with Everypost:

– Access to the most talked about each country

– Access to Pinterest boards

– Search for videos on YouTube

– Search for photos on Flickr

– Search for music Grooveshark

With Everypost post on all your social networks at the same time is quite simple. This application is available for Android and iOS, it’s free. Official Everypost Website