Unlock the Moto X ‘Skip’ with $20 NFC Key


Google creates an NFC accessory to Unlock the Moto X ‘Skip’ with $20 NFC Key: Hello Skip. Goodbye PIN. Introducing Motorola Skip for Moto X. Google and Motorola have worked to bypass the unlock screen password smartphones with just a touch and avoid the uncomfortable step of having to enter the password every few minutes. Moto X is the first ‘smartphone’ with this accessory that is available on the website of the company for $20 (15 Euro).

NFC KeyThe U.S. multinational is aware that much of the smart phone users now have a password to access your terminal input and avoid it in case of loss or theft.

“One Skip clip and three dots to unlock your Moto X”

However, the password is a serious problem throughout the heavy day. To do this, Google has developed a laptop called Skip NFC tag that will unlock your phone easily with one-touch.

With this accessory, you can configure the terminal and passwords in places like car or home. Through Motorola’s official Blog, the company explains the steps to configure this accessory.

The guidelines to follow to have Skip is joining the Motorola website, and add to the url: ‘skipsetup‘. Later, go to PlayStore and update, but first, make sure NFC is enabled in the settings panel. Then install this accessory.

In this way, you can only unlock the user. In case of loss, you should phone can detach. Skip now available on the Motorola website for $ 19.99 (15 euros).