Ten Injured in New York to Lake Land a Plane Without Landing Gear: At least ten people have been injured of lightness this Monday when a plane had to land at the airport of La Guardia New York without landing gear, as reported by the American television CNN network.

The aircraft, which had taken off from the airport in the town of Nashville, has derrapado on the track resting on its nose and left it before coming to stop in a lawn area between it and the area of filming, said the director general of the airport Thomas Bosco.

Kathy Bales, one of the passengers, said that inside the cabin a “strong blow” could feel when the landing gear failed and that subsequently the nose hit the ground. “It has been a hit and a balance, and after a coup and a sensation of skating”, added.

The plane traveled a total of 150 people, noted CNN, which has indicated that, in addition to the ten injured, an airport police officer has had to be treated for heatstroke.

The airport has remained closed for several hours while authorities worked to return the situation to normal, after which have resumed operations without major incident.