Spanish Train Crash: 80 Dead and 32 Seriously Injured


Spanish Train Crash: 80 Dead and 32 Seriously Injured after train Accident: Three days of official mourning in Spain in honor of the victims of the train crash on Wednesday at Hotel Santiago. The death toll in the derailment of the train is 80 fatalities. 95 injured remain hospitalized, of which 32 are in critical condition.

The Engineer said he wanted to “Die

The Alvia train driver that crashed Wednesday in Santiago said he wanted to “die” once they became aware that the train had derailed at the height of a curve located at the site of Angrois, as reflected in conversations between the railway and the living machine already transcribed.

I fucked up“, contained in the transcripts of those conversations that have already been incorporated into the investigations on the causes of the accident, as confirmed to Europa Press investigation.

These sources have explained that the judicial commission has not yet begun to hear the two black boxes wrecked train, who are in police custody, as they have prioritized the task of identifying the 80 deceased recovered.

However, it has been possible to make a first analysis of the transcripts of the conversations between the train wreck and the room, which is part of the material that has been provided, along with images of at least two video cameras, one of them located at the tunnel exit.

In those conversations, the driver also recognizes, after derailing, which reached a speed of 190 kilometers per hour. However, that area would be limited to 80 miles per hour.

The engineer Franz Joseph G. A. Clinical hospital remains in police custody waiting to give evidence, after the judge handling the case, the head of the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Santiago de Compostela, has ordered the Judicial Police.