How To Enable Android USB Debugging Mode


How To Enable Android USB Debugging Mode For Android 2.x, Android 4.x and Android 4.2.2: For USB sync, Flashing ROM, Updgrade Firmware, your Android device needs to have USB Debugging Mod enabled.

Enable Debugging Mode To Android 2.x – 3.x Devices:
USBdebugSettting1Go to Settings > Application > Development > USB Debugging.

Enable Debugging Mode To Android 4.x Devices:
USBdebugSetttingGo to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

Important: The “Developer Options” menu item on Android 4.2.* is hidden. You may need to unlock Developer Options before it is available within the Menu:   Go to Android home screen.

  1.     Tap “Settings”
  2.     Tap “About Device/Phone”
  3.     Tap on the “Build Number” button about 7 times (You see counts).
  4.     Developer Mode should now be unlocked and available in Settings > More > Developer Options

ics-debug-modeFor the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD:

  • Kindle Fire always has USB Debugging mode on.
  • You can enable USB Debugging on the Kindle Fire HD by pulling down the notifications drawer, tapping More > Security > Enable ADB