WordPress is Attacked with “Brute Force”


WordPress is Attacked with “Brute Force” and no end in sight: WordPress computer is under attack from last week and, according to information from various antivirus website has no end in sight. In stock are involved more than 90,000 IP addresses around the world and can reach any ‘web host’ (Web hosting).

The attack consists of the raid to the WordPress user accounts by user ‘Admin’ and thousands of passwords. If the account is infected, the user can not access your page, and, if successful, it will operate at low speed and suffer falls for short periods of time.

As reported by the antivirus Blog HostGator, the attack began last week, dropped their activity for a few days and, last Thursday, was again reactivated and now continues, affecting all Internet hosts.

The Web itself reveals that security is not possible to know when to end, and therefore recommends to WordPress users password change for belting to the safety criteria of the page. The tips are typical of any password: change case, create it with a minimum 8 characters and use signs like ^ @ #.

Another view of the attack is provided by the security analyst Brian Krebs at The Verge. Krebs commented that the nature of the attack, the type ‘Blackdoor’ (back door) would allow offenders to remotely control the infected site.

Such attacks allow postpone or repeat infection, a system which could cause more damage than a PC-based attack, argues Krebs.