Windows Phone At New Opportunity

Windows Phone At New Opportunity

Windows Phone At New Opportunity: There is the fact that Windows Phone is getting to the breathless when compared with other competitors.
Windows Phone At New OpportunityOperating System Microsoft’s currently only 2% of the global smartphone market and less than 5% in the U.S.

If the Microsoft Windows PC platform the more dominant on the mobile platform that much disappointing not nearly enough to compete with iOS or Android.

Even BlackBerry mobile developers Canadian origin are still appreciated than Windows Phone.

So why are the brand had been unable to appreciate this competitive market?

Microsoft is one of the first corporations to participate in developing and expanding Web connectivity Internet on mobile phone and holding small advantage that 90% of customers use Windows on a PC.

Unfortunately they have been slow in reaching the smartphone market the most fertile piece of cake at the moment.

Consequently, it has failed to bring Windows Phone to users than Android iOS or even BlackBerry.

Wrong wrong serial

Bill Gates who is the chairman of Microsoft, says: failure stems from its strategic vision and development of Window phone probably only Microsoft’s repeated failures in many companies corporations in the smartphone market.

Here are 3 mistakes lead to failure of Windows Phone

In 2007 when asked about the iPhone has just been released and the innovative products of Apple, Steve Ballmer has presided president of the Apple too small for that will not be able to compete with Microsoft.

However after 5 years Apple has surpassed Microsoft and rose to become the leading technology corporations in the world.

It’s hard to understand when a CEO with many years of experience as Steve Ballmer could make a statement such mistakes.

Recently Frank X.Shaw a spokesman for Microsoft has launched a number of positive signs from Windows Phone.

According to figures from IDC Windows Phone’s market share has increased to 10% in some countries the number of machines were sold in more than 26 countries and BlackBerry iPhone in 7 higher than the market.

However Microsoft still face significant barriers to maintaining success. At the moment Android and iPhone dominate the smartphone market with a market share of 48% and 19%.

Ranked No. 3 OS is old Symbian with 15% BlackBerry is also up to 8% thanks to successful products in the past.