Tips To Restore Android Applications

Android Applications

Tips To Backup And Restore Android Applications:  Whether you decide to switch phones because a new and more advanced because you have made ​​a change to a new ROM you seem more fun.
Android ApplicationsIt could be also because your phone requires you to do a good cleaning and leave them as fresh from the factory. The process is more tedious having to re-download all the applications you use to install again.

This can be avoided completely with an application called AppWererabbit a wonderful toolkit and light that allow you to save and back up everything to install on your smartphone in an SD card or online so that you can later return to restore for whatever reason.

This application is free, only has 338k in size and shows no ads.

The downside is that it only works for Android 4.0 onwards which not everyone has.

However, it is worth because it brings many options although it is very simple to use.

Besides backup and restore also to clean the cache rename APK’s move applications to the SD extract the APK’s to share among other things.

A true wonder for you to test applications on other devices or even if you want to return to a previous version of an application.