Terrell Owens Bears


Terrell Owens Bears: SPNChicago.com continues its Bears draft preview series with a look at the quarterbacks.  Pre-draft visits and formal meetings at the NFL combine and various college all-star games indicate the Bears aren’t looking to use a pick on a quarterback. Then again, maybe the team’s perceived lack of interest in the position could be viewed as a smokescreen.

On the other hand, perhaps there is a perceived lack of interest in the team’s position could be seen as a smokescreen. As it stands now, the Bears could go into the season with three quarterbacks on the list of Jay Cutler, Josh McCown and Matt Blanchard. After losing Jason Campbell in free agency, the team could certainly get by with McCown as the main backup to Cutler.

But given the uncertain state of Cutler with the Bears in the long term, the club must start at least prepare for the possibility of starting the 2014 season with a new quarterback at the helm, either a free agent or player development acquired in the draft this year. Cutler enters the final year of his contract in 2013, and there is no guarantee that the team will be inclined to extend after the season.

Interestingly, the new coach Marc Trestman – noted quarterback guru – and general manager Phil Emery have used the measured responses over the off-season when asked about Cutler. Emery once called Cutler a ‘franchise quarterback “, but his coach showering such effusive praise.

I’m excited by Coach Jay,” said Trestman at the NFL Combine. “I had a couple of opportunities to speak with him on multiple levels, and (I’m) very excited to work with him in all facets of the game.

Really am.’s A very bright. He loves football.’s Has great skill set. So we have to work hard to provide you the resources (that) can maximize their capacity, and is dedicated to everything we are doing in the three phases with the personnel department and our coaching staff. “

The Bears added protection along the offensive line this season at the new starting left tackle Jermon Bushrod and guard Matt Slauson and caught another receiving target for Cutler at tight end Martellus Bennett, demonstrating the team’s commitment to the building around quarterback to be successful.

Now it’s time for Cutler.

The next 10: 11. Sean Renfree, Duke, 6-3, 219, 12. Ryan Griffin, Tulane, 6-4, 216, 13. Jordan Rogers, Vanderbilt, 6-1, 212, 14. Colby Cameron, Louisiana Tech, 6-2, 212, 15. Marqueis Gray, Minnesota, 6-3, 240, 16. Alex Carder, Western Michigan, 6-2, 220, 17. Brad Sorensen, Southern Utah, 6-4, 229, 18. James Vandenberg, Iowa, 6-3, 226, 19. Ryan Aplin, Arkansas St., 6-1, 199, 20. Dane Krist, Kansas, 6-4, 232.

Position Grade: C-

Analysis: During the interview process marathon team to find a new head coach, several sources mention Emery wants the new head man to come after Cutler from the motivational point of view to convince the best of it. Last season when the team struggled offensively, resulting in the firing of Lovie Smith and most of his staff, several staff members describing the relationship of the quarterback with the coaches and players as tumultuous.

When Cutler suffered a concussion in the first half of the team’s loss to the Houston Texans November 11, several former staff members hoped Campbell would step up and perform well enough to relegate the starter a backup role. But Camp-bell’s solo start next week in San Francisco, suffered six sacks and threw two interceptions for a 32-7 thumping.

The drama that took place in 2012 will not be tolerated this season under Trestman, who mentioned that Cutler realizes at this point in his career – which coincidentally is the last year of his contract in Chicago – his own mortality in the NFL.

So under new management, Cutler must flourish and play perhaps the best football of his tenure in Chicago in 2013. Still, the team has to be thinking about the future at quarterback.