iPhone 6 Enlighten Rumours

iPhone 6 Enlighten Rumours

Sample iPhone 6 ‘Does Not Cover Impression: Covering almost fully iPhone 6 design of the T3 is the AMOLED screen makes it look like there is no shell.
iPhone 6 Enlighten Rumours
In March, the Copyright Office and the U.S. Patent has announced that The Apple has applied for copyright protection applications AMOLED curved screen.

And we do not have to wait too long to figure out that Apple wants curved screen copyrighted looks roughly the stars.

Because recently, the design of the website T3 technology has introduced a stunning 3D renderings of product samples in future iPhone 6.

Design aforementioned screen experience covering almost the entire body the first on-board 2 as metal to make room for speakers camera and ports applications.

iPhone 6 in the imagination of T3 will still own Lightning port and headphone jack 3.5.

The most impressive of these designs are excellent multitasking capabilities as a possible screen for watching videos and playing music.

Whereas the remaining screens can be used for gaming.

In 2013, The Apple will not be quick to realize the same idea as above.

However, next year will probably be another story.