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Bulk Increase In Facebook Home Downloads

Bulk Increase In Facebook Home Downloads

Facebook Home Translucent 500 Thousand Downloads: Facebook Home has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since its launch last week.

Bulk Increase In Facebook Home DownloadsBased on recent data the application has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times.

According to sources, one billion users held today Facebook hopes to expect a better response to the user experience.

But in reality Facebook Home not getting pretty good reviews from users who have downloaded the app.

Approximately 5,627 of the 10,930 users giving it one star just for that application.

So far, Google Play does not provide actual data on the number of users who installed applications.

However, the data included in the caption Facebook Home reveals that downloads have reached 500 thousand to one million times.

Given the reviews given user and the low popularity of Facebook Home, Facebook is rumored to be looking for other ways to launch her ​​latest project on Windows Phone and iOS to garner more a lot of support.

Facebook Home present the first time in conjunction with the First HTC which is currently sold through AT & T.

In addition, users HTC One X, HTC One X + Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II also been able to download Facebook Home.