Boston Marathon Explosion: White House Says Terrorist Attack


Boston Marathon 2013: White House sources have admitted that the bomb attacks (Explosion) Monday during the Boston Marathon 2013, which have left at least three dead and over a hundred injured, are “clearly an act of terrorism.”

“Any event involving several explosive devices, and this one is, is clearly a terrorist act,” said a source at the daily White House ‘Boston Globe’.

In his first public appearance after the attacks, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, avoided using the term “terrorism” and warned that “we still do not have all the answers” about what happened and therefore should not be ” conclusions before having all the facts “.

“From now know who have committed the attacks, and investigations to determine if they were planned and committed by a terrorist group, foreign and domestic” cited sources have added the White House.

Federal Police (FBI) has opened a wide research, official sources said the ‘Boston Globe’, is being “very active and fluid.” Federal authorities are investigating the incident as if it were a “terrorist attack”, as reported by official sources told CNN.

So far it has been questioned a single individual, a Saudi college student who was retained by a pedestrian who had been running near the scene. Research Sources have indicated that the student is willingly cooperating with police and that the questioned has said he has no relation to the facts and I was just running because I was afraid. The authorities do not consider it suspicious and has not been arrested or prosecuted.

Medical sources said yesterday Monday night that none of the victims showed signs of radioactive or biological agents or shrapnel. In this regard, FBI sources have indicated to CNN that the bombs were of small size and low power (no remains have been found of C-4 or any other material of great power) and it seems that it was of explosive devices made with rudimentary explosives.

The first hypothesis suggests that the two bombs were hidden in trash cans, according to sources of research to CBS. The first explosion was the closest to the finish line of the race, while the second was recorded about two blocks from that first deflation