Veld Prends-Moi: A Weight Lose Perfume

Veld Prends-Moi

Weight Lose Perfume Veld Prends-Moi: Did you ever think about losing weight and smell good? Losing weight requires a lot of exercise, and exercise makes you sweat, and yes, we know how we really smell when sweaty. No problem, because the fragrance house Robertet invented something that will help you lose weight. How?

Veld Prends-MoiThey say that the fragrance contains beta-endorphins that make you lose your appetite a little. It is called Veld Prends-Moi (pronounced “Pro-Mua” French for TAKE ME), and as we said before, is produced by Robertet. Last year, more than 6,000 have already written your name on the waiting list, placing hope in this perfume miraculous.

Responsible for ensuring that this will help all women feel a little bad about their weight. Prends-Moi contains other special ingredients: caffeine, carnitine and spirulina. They are known for their use in weight loss products.

The company did its own research on the product, and studies showed that 75% of women who tried, aged between 18 and 75 years, stopped feeling the need to eat more than you actually need. Here is another perfume that makes you smell like a zombie, maybe applying this two double acting together will give?

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