Red Equal Sign: Facebook Support For Gay Marriage

Red Equal Sign

Red Equal SignRed Equal Sign: Facebook Support For Gay Marriage (Same-Sex) Rights: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) popular logo, which features a yellow equal sign on a blue box, was redesigned in red. HRC Anastasia Khoo Marketing Director explained the importance of the choice of color in a press release.

By harnessing the passion that supporters of equal freedom loving husbands and engaged to be married, the Internet is awash in a sea of red – the color of love,” said Khoo.

The symbol caught on quickly and has been spottedon remarkable pages of many of Facebook. According to the Human Rights Committee, “said U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., Your support for marriage equality for the first time, to change their Facebook profile picture to red equals sign and HRC many other public officials have followed suit. “

Others offer the symbol on their social media U.S. Senators Chris Coons, Al Franken, Mazie Hirono, Frank Lautenberg, Bob Menendez, Chris Murphy, Patty Murray, Bernie Sanders, Brian Schatz, Jean Shaheen, Jon Tester, Mark Warner and Elizabeth Warren, and celebrities like Sophia Bush, George Takei, Tegan & Sara and Lance Bass, according to HRC.

Human Rights Committee issued a statement:

As part of HRC’s robust social media efforts around the two cases before the Supreme Court, the red logo launched on the HRC Facebook page at 1:00pm ET Monday and the original image has been shared more than 100,000 times and created upwards of 10 million impressions in all 50 states – not including countless user-created versions.

Red Equal Sign1Mashable notes that the move to adopt the HRC profile picture gained notable support after actor George Takei updated his own with the logo. LGBTQ@Facebook, the social network’s official resource page, also changed its picture to the HRC’s, and shared a story about the advocacy group’s push.

Interestingly, the HRC had previously opposed the idea of bringing Proposition 8 before the Supreme Court. In a 2009 document co-signed by the HRC, American Civil Liberties Union, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the Equality Federation, among other organizations, the groups argued that “the ballot box and not the courts should be the next step on marriage in California.