PayPal Launches Prepaid Card For Online Purchases

PayPal Prepaid Ca

PayPal Prepaid CaPayPal Launches Prepaid Card For Online Purchases And in Physical Stores: PayPal launched a prepaid card that will help your customers at all times has control their spending. This led to those people who do not want to carry cash but do not want to have a relationship with a bank.

Thinking of them, PayPal has launched a prepaid card “More Flexible” market.

This card does not need to be linked to a bank account and to recharge is as simple as do so through a bank transfer, by 12,800 outlets in 4B ATM network or over the Internet.

This card allows buying in Spain and abroad, both in online stores that accept PayPal as in physical stores that accept MasterCard.

Moreover, it also allows cash withdrawals at any ATM 4B. But this card also help customers who want to control spending and have to keep track of your budget tight.

This prepaid card will be very useful to anyone who wants to have more control of expenses and want, for example, allocate a certain budget for leisure or shopping.’s Also suitable, for example, for those who must spend a abroad, as in the case of students, and avoid the red tape of opening a bank account in another country, “says the director of PayPal for Spain and Portugal, Estanis Nicholas Martin.

PayPal prepaid card can be requested by filling out a form online and within a few days, the user will receive this card at home nominative. Soon also available a form of anonymous prepaid card, you may also request online, or buy one of the 12,800 outlets and physical recharge. Although not required to have a PayPal account if recommended.

The cost of the card is 5 euros and can have a maximum balance of $ 10,000, but the accumulated refills in a year are capped at 20,000 euros.

The maximum amount is 1,500 euros recharge, except at points of sale, where the maximum charge is 150 euros per transaction and $ 300 per day. The entity responsible for issuing and managing the card is Yo-unique Money