Mila Kunis In An Interview Becomes Tasty Sketch

Mila Kunis In An Interview Becomes Tasty Sketch

Mila Kunis In An Interview Becomes Tasty Sketch: A British radio station for young audiences , on the one hand, the American Mila Kunis to the poster of the fantastic World of Oz during the day promo and probably tired of having repeated fifteen times the same speech.
Mila Kunis In An Interview Becomes Tasty SketchThe other a certain Chris Stark, a young English journalist a little novice – “I’ve never done this before” – just shy of having to face that which remember was elected by some “woman the world’s sexiest “in 2012.

“Honestly, I’m petrified.” “You’re doing very well” says Mila Kunis. “Really?” “Not. But we’ll see it”says Mila stride.

The interview starts well. First discovery Mila Kunis is funny. Chris Stark manages to make his first question “It makes you feel to be ugly for once as you have the role of a witch?

Mila Kunis interrupts. She wants to know what impresses him so much. “It’s very different from my natural environment my pub with my friends” she replied.

This leads them to discuss “lad bomb,” his favorite drink in the pub in question, he invited the actress to find, then the fast Nando’s food and its football team, he tries again to submit.

Two attempts, then. For five minutes both digress in talking to a delightful spread and stumbling at every subject, on their cultural differences.

It with a lot of oh God to the U.S. she with its emphasis so British.

And if the movie, Suggests overs which must be attached release. Ah yes, the answers promo. “Let me give you the answers to the questions I know you will ask” offers the actress.

My character is called Theodora. “Mila and tell the whole story of the film, linking its” wonderful with James Franco and other responses debited by heart.

But Chris Stark has not said its last word. He tries a third invitation. “That my friend Dico He married in June” But if she deigns to come he warns it must know that there is this British tradition at weddings where everybody takes off her clothes as in Baywatch.