Lowa Wrestler Throws Medal In Garbage


Lowa Wrestler Throws Medal In Garbage After Winning Second Place: An Iowa wrestler threw his medal into the trash after taking second place in the Big Ten Tournament.
Wrestler Throws Medal In GarbageMatt McDonough entered the tournament as the number one in the class of 125 pounds and that was against a fighter who had beaten twice in the past.

McDonough could not get the win, however, and lost to Jesse Delgado during the championship game.

McDonough, like several of the other top fighters of Iowa, were disappointed with the results of the tournament.

Black pants gold heart writes: “For the first time since 2006 (and only the third time since 1970), Iowa went home without a conference champion single individual.”

When you fight for one of the best teams in the country (Iowa has won 23 NCAA national championships since 1975) and when you are one of the best fighters in the division, it must be difficult to have a second medal. However, most fighter not launch a second medal in the trash.

Sam Louwagie, a reporter for the Daily Iowan published an image of the medal at Twitter and received a lot of feedback from wrestling fans. According Louwagie, Iowa ruled medal shows that you are not satisfied with second place.