Hot girl Wushu Thuy Linh Story Was Confession

Hot girl Wushu Thuy Linh Story Was Confession

Hot girl Wushu Thuy Linh Story Was Confession: She had gained outstanding achievements of Wushu. Vu Thuy Linh is now a coach and gradually dominate over the field of media and entertainment.
Hot girl Wushu Thuy Linh Story Was ConfessionLet’s listen to the interesting share on 8/3 of this beautiful girl. As women, everyone is looking forward to more emotional.

Own Spirit feel like?

On 8 march, is an International Women’s Day, honoring women should every day is Spirit so happy for her role seems a bit more important than usual.

During his years playing on  8 march with the Spirit?

Ago when I was playing the occasional Spirit was in Vietnam. Spirit will try earlier than usual and buy her flowers, mother, your Spirit girlfriend.

Then the Spirit will make a pot of delicious dining for the whole family gathering fun. In the year to date 8 march are to practice and study in China the Spirit often wander shopping center and treat yourself to the gift of love to fill the somewhat lonely feeling to away from home.

Spirit experienced, if there is no competition in the mood like?

This year is no longer coaching but beloved Spirit hope students will remember and sent to his most cherished blessing to me. So Spirit has fun.

About five years ago, Linh remember early that she has received a phone call one friend called Spirit to open the gate to ask.

Spirit runs down overlooking the port and saw a lot of commission stretching from the gate Ghost major street.

When the Spirit to go out to the friends of Father holding a bunch of flowers with gift box next step and confessed to the Spirit. At that time Father was very surprised, and happy but very awkward.

Because the Spirit just like it should always be your friend Linh found a clever way to just deny that maintaining friendships. Very glad that until now his two kids still play very close to each other.

This year the concert 4 the perfect pair will take place and Spirit in Saigon. I can not be at home. But the Spirit did not forget to prepare gifts for their loved ones.

Spirit has placed flowers, prepare some little gift boxes full of secret and someone sent to her doctor and her Spirit on the day of today, people still feel happy loving Spirit inside edge.

Linh to wish you health and success to all readers Reuters. At the same time the girls will always be pretty and there meaningful and fun.

Thank Vu Thuy Linh’s conversation and wish you a successful day!