Vin Diesel ‘Riddick’ Facebook Photo

Vin Diesel Riddick
Vin Diesel Riddick

Vin Diesel ‘Riddick’ Facebook Photo: The Fast & Furious Star Vin Diesel posted a new image of the science fiction film in his Facebook page and he’s teasing his fans with a brand-new image of his title character sitting on a throne with a troubled brow. (image Below)

Vin Diesel Riddick
Vin Diesel Rule as ‘Riddick’

The photo, which shows a Vin Diesel as Ridick location on a throne, is titled: “It’s been nine years since The Chronicles of Riddick was released … all the time I knew I would eventually have to go back to that dark place the mind of a Furyan Alfa. “

Riddick, which was also produced by Vin Diesel, hits theaters and IMAX screens on September 6.

The film was directed by David Twohy, who directed both Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, Vin Diesel will fight against an alien race of predators.

Here’s the synopsis from IMDB:

Left for dead in a sun-scorched planet, Riddick is faced with an alien race of predators. Activating an EPIRB alert to two ships:. One carrying a new type of mercenary, the other led by a Riddick man’s past

Riddick is not the only character that Vin Diesel will return this year. The movie star is also set to star in the sixth Fast and Furious film this May.