Beyonce Takes Her Baby At The Premiere of Life Is A Dream: The most famous Hollywood baby Blue Ivy child of the singer Beyonce makes its debut in the premiere of Life is a dream.
Beyonce Takes Her Baby At The Premiere of Life Is A DreamThis is the first time that fans have come to see the face of Blue Ivy in the most close and personal as the singer released a couple of pictures a few weeks after the birth of her daughter.

The documentary conveys an intimate look at the life of the superstar who rarely talks about her personal life.

The documentary speaks of natural abortion Beyonce suffered before conceiving Ivy.

After the tragic event Beyonce became pregnant again is now the most successful in life as the singer says.

During an interview on Oprah’s celebrity Ivy said that is what is most proud and made it all make sense to her you can not imagine life without her daughter.

Holding back tears admitted¬†“My story was not complete and did not know why but after giving birth I saw that everything made sense.”

Finally, the artist confirmed her desire to become a mother again after her next tour.