Women loses 13 rock after being extra fat for sailing ship fairground stayingWomen loses 13 rock after being extra fat for sailing ship fairground staying: Bourne Laura knew she had had a bellyful of being great when he was too fat to keep amusement ride.

Laura, 27, vowed to lose the kilos after the embarrassing incident during a family day at a theme park two years ago.

Became a laughingstock when the safety bar on a pirate ship ride not go beyond his bulging stomach.

Laura, of Birmingham, was forced to gain popular attraction before it started – leaving Kai son in tears.

She went to her family doctor the next day for help – and has lost 25 stone to a svelte 12 stone.

Laura said: “” My son begged me to go on the pirate ship with him so we queued and got all excited on the ride.

“We had to wait for it to start, but there was a problem. The bar made a strange noise, noisy and not close past my enormous belly. Had to get off the ride.

“I had seen someone that will not fit on a ride when I was younger and it stuck with me forever.’ve Always said I would never get that big.

“I never thought it would happen to me, but it did.

“The guy running the ride was still trying to push the bar down. Pretend I had wanted to lose.

“He yelled at me again, but I knew it was not good.

“Kai was wondering what was wrong and he was really angry. It ruined the day. I wanted the world to swallow me.

“The next morning I went to my family doctor and asked him to help me lose weight.”

At the time of the incident at Twinlakes fairgrounds in Leicestershire, in August 2010, Laura tipped the scales at nearly 25 stone.

“Great kebabs and McDonalds, but a portion size was not enough,” he said.

Laura GP said the only option was surgery gastric band – who had carried out months later.

After four months, has lost more than five stone.

Laura, who is now a trim size 12, warns that surgery is not an easy way out and worked hard to maintain her figure.

She said: “Every day is a battle. I have joined a slimming group to take control of what I eat and go to the gym four times a week.

“Now I can enjoy things as others can.

“I can run around the park with my kids, fit in an airplane seat without a belt extension, sit in a lawn chair without fear of breakage and climb stairs without getting winded.

“I took my kids back to that theme park recently and pirate ship back to where it all began.

“I felt like I was going to have a heart attack while sitting in the seat. What if I do not fit?

“When the bar came down, closed my eyes. Was the best feeling in the world. Cried, I cried then laughed some more.

“Now I’m the mother should have been provided.”