She can’t delay to move on her Small Black color Outfit this Christmas

She can't delay to move on her Small Black color Outfit this Christmas

She can't delay to move on her Small Black color Outfit this ChristmasShe can’t delay to move on her Small Black color Outfit this Christmas: Thanks to a healthy diet plan, Kellie Homan falling in a Little Black Dress set this holiday season.

And if you need inspiration to fit in her party dress, here’s the story of Kellie.

Every year Christmas Kellie feared two more often than not be the first one through the door at the end of the night.

“I hated the way I looked,” says the clerk of 24 years. “I was fat and my friends seemed surprisingly thin in these smaller party dresses. Would wear a long shirt to cover my ass.

“I used to be very depressing. And if I turned into a party, first, I would not stay long at all. All I wanted to do was go home and hide.”

But this December, can not wait to slip on your sexy LBD because in the last year has lost almost three stone – going from over 7 pounds 10st 14st to and from a size 18 to a slinky 10.

And she is noticing how handsome he looks – its new stylized form has not gone unnoticed by his friends.

“Every time I said I looked fat, everyone would agree with me. Now say how well I look.’s A nice change!

“I feel like I’ve become a different person.’m Happier now and I’m much more bubbly, too,” she says.

Your new size 10 LBD – a sexy body-con number – has been hanging in the closet for weeks, ready for the Christmas party of his job next month.

And this time, she wants to have a blast and be one of the last to leave.

“I want to dance until you drop” Kellie laughs.

“I definitely would not have spent the last year LBD – I think he had a tent!

“Hopefully this year, I will give the girls working with a run for their money, although I have not seen what they’re wearing yet.”

Kellie, Bedford, believes that she began to have weight problems after comfort eating to cope with being bullied as a teenager.

Then, once you started working, overeating became a habit that was exacerbated by boredom and jobs in the office. Their falls are well known to most of us – takeaways and junk food. “Great cakes and have never touched a single vegetable,” Kellie says: I tried crash diets, but it never worked. ”

Its rapid weight gain made her very unhappy, stealing any remaining confidence.

Best of all, has not been touched since cakes. “I thought if I was going to do well, they had to go,” she says.

Kellie eat three meals a day with lean cuts of meat, chicken and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. “Fruit is my new snack while before have chips or cake,” she says. “I have also found that vegetables are not so bad.”

With Christmas just around the corner, she feels she will not be tempted to start nibbling. “I like the food buffet and chips at parties, but I will not go crazy. Fortunately I do not like meat pies,” he smiles.

Kellie advises anyone trying to control their weight over Christmas to be careful about what they eat. “It is a tempting time with food everywhere, but it is important to know when to stop eating.”

She also discovered that now loves shopping too – in the main street shops like New Look and Quiz Clothing.

“I used to wear baggy shirts with jumpers and trousers, but now I love the colors you have lots of shiny sequins dresses in my closet ready for all those Christmas parties.”

And she can not wait to enjoy the holiday season, after years of hard work. Kellie says: “I’m too busy to date at the moment but you know I’ll end the meeting under the mistletoe?”