Miss Spain Mar Saura Whole Diva Selmark Photos

Miss Spain Mar Saura

Mar Saura Whole Diva Selmark Photos: Every woman is the new collection just introduced famous lingerie firm Selmark that also launches campaign image of the hand of the former Miss Spain Mar Saura.
Miss Spain Mar SauraThe model exhibits all her sensuality posing in colorful designs in four Fall-Winter collections, that Selmark submitted under the leitmotiv Every woman in you at an event in which Mar Saura was the undisputed star.

Moreover, it is the first time that this lingerie firm chooses one of the most recognized models in country to star in one of their campaigns. And proving to be a great ambassador and that fits perfectly in the draft Selmark, Mar Saura has exercised first ambassador for the firm.

Former Miss Spain has played four lines of lingerie quite different. Bianca is the most suitable for day to day. The collection offers a comfortable design perfect for a dynamic and hardworking woman and provides comfort for those busy days and still be perfect.

For those special moments, the collection proposes Selmark Firenze, ideal for style and in which Mar Saura has posed with impressive sets that give a sophisticated and sensual to the female figure.

Bolero is a line to highlight the attractiveness and always suggestive. Ideal for party nights, this collection offers dressed up both outside and inside.

Selmark not forget the curves, and this has created the collection Giulietta, with styling aimed curves through comfortable and discreet design, without losing a bit of sensuality.