Megan Fox Will Not Show Off Sexy Body After Becoming Mother

Megan Fox

Megan FoxMegan Fox Will Not Show Off Sexy Body After Becoming Mother: Hot Hollywood Actress Megan Fox  said she did not want to take excessive hot or sexy photography scene after becoming a mother.

Megan Fox had her first son in September. Role as a mother has made the 25-year-old actress changed life perspective. Megan ever proud to be considered a sex symbol of Hollywood in the early 21st century. She appeared with the picture showing body aflame magazines or hot scenes in the film. However, a sexy Megan Fox will now no longer available.

In an interview for the first time after birth in The Mirror, Megan said: “You will change the overly sexy in the movie when they have a baby. I will be more careful in the selection of films because I thought, when my son was at school and my friends take the photos taken with bikini, he will be very upset. Consequently, I have decided to give up a number of film projects that you previously selected “.

Young mothers also want to take every little preference for sons. She said: “I gained more than 10 pounds while pregnant and still almost 5 kg. However I do not want to force balance on the old design because it is not important at this time. I am so in love with baby Noah and do not want to be away from you. therefore, I do not want to go to the gym just like at home.

Megan Fox herself to care for her son and only hired the two nights a week. First assumes the role of a mother is not easy for any woman. Megan too. She said: “Taking baby really hard. There is a lot of work to do but I did not want to hire nurses to do as much as possible. I was not that hard to press the baby is extreme so as husband and I are exhausted. I can not sleep and almost all night. entire life I have put all the little angels. however I like it. From when I was a girl I like motherhood. I have never had such a feeling of satisfaction when filming.

Two weeks ago, Megan Fox realized that her husband had to hire help if you do not want to be exhausted and occur quarrels: “I said to Brian: We have a nanny look at night or going out down each other and divorce. Everyone needs to sleep and rest.

Previously, as a single attractive actress, Megan always feel worried that one day she will grow old and be “disgraced” in Hollywood. However, once married, the actress more optimistic in life. She said: “I used to think I only have a few years longer bright but really thank this marriage and my great mate. You make me feel safe and comfortable. He’ll be old together me and asked me whether the time that I did not as expensive as before.

Megan spent the words of love to talk about the merit spouse Brian Austin Green, 13 years her senior: “My husband was very strange. He worked hard but also love to take care of children. Brian always enthusiastic to help support his wife and is a decent man, great. he intimates of my heart.