Kim Kardashian turned upside down and Bahrain outraged MuslimsKim Kardashian turned upside down and Bahrain outraged Muslims: TV celebrity Kim Kardashian is not just popular in Bahrain. Dozens of Muslim protesters took to the streets and have expressed opposition to the opening of her new business.

Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian on Saturday opened another of its successful dairy business.

They are known throughout the world and make them popular advertising face like Miley Cyrus and Pamela Anderson.

Kim, however, against Bahrain in wave of resistance.

Very local happier that they appeared celebrity world, would prefer to take the protest in front of posters and dairy trade chanting “Allah is great”.

Muslim protesters dispersed when police tear gas.

Brunette on protests had no idea it was all finished before its arrival.

The day before Kim opened his shop in Kuwait, but where all the action took place without incident.