James from X Factor says : I am not partying too muchJames from X Factor says : I am not partying too much: X Factor star solo James Arthur has denied his ways parties could affect their chances in the competition.

The 24-year-old from Middlesborough was seen at London nightclub Mahiki before leaving with several girls and some critics fear their late nights can affect performance.

But James hit back: “I have been working very hard and doing things constant trials.

“We went to a comedy gala and then I went to have a drink with J Union for literally an hour. Was not even drunk to be fair.

“It’s frustrating if people think that I’m constantly partying but I try to ignore it.

“While a good performance and put the work in that is what matters.

“We are in a bubble here and under pressure so sometimes we need a release.”

James also insisted that there was no chance of collapsing again. At the beginning of the live stage of the competition in October suffered a severe asthma attack caused by stress and X Factor bosses had to call an ambulance for studies.

Speaking at a concert TalkTalk X Factor, James said: “I seem to have gone from strength to strength since.

“I think he was trying to cover too much advice and taken too.

“I was overwhelmed and very intense.

“Now I trust my own judgment again and stayed true to myself.”