Scarlett Johansson New French Boyfriend Romain Dauriac: Scarlett Johansson does not waste time. Its appeal moves masses and millions of men would be with this woman, but only very few have managed to get this ‘object of desire‘. There have been many men who have passed through his life, and that is that this actress can be more selective.

Scarlett Johansson New French Boyfriend Romain Dauriac
(Left )Scarlett Johansson New French Boyfriend Romain Dauriac (Right)

From her failed marriage to Ryan Reynolds, with whom she was married for two years, has been slow to meet other men. In fact, only been two couples who had Scarlett since.

The first to fall on their networks was the charismatic actor Sean Penn, with whom she had a brief affair, and then the publicist Nate Naylor, whereas she has not lasted more than a year.

The new lover who has managed to conquer the gorgeous actress is French journalist Romain Dauriac. Apparently they have met through a mutual friend, the tattoo artist and artist Uvtpk Fuzi, the architect of his latest tattoo.

The City of Light has given back the love Scarlett, but the French capital is not the only scenario where you have walked by her love.

Building on the agenda of the actress, has accompanied Romain Dauriac Scarlett to New York, where she planned to present the premiere of her latest film Hitchcock.

She has been in the Big Apple where they have first caught together as Nypost reported as shown in a photograph revealing the online edition of Us Weekly.

I do not know how long this new conquest, but what we can see is that Scarlett is leaving a romance in every port.