Jessica Biel Pink Wedding Dress By Giambattista Valli


Jessica Biel Pink Wedding Dress By Giambattista Valli:  The look Biel was going for on her bid day was “romance, romance,romance”. So she turned to designer and longtime Pal Glambattista Valli to create her custom confection.

Jessica-Biel-s-Giambattista-Valli-pink-wedding-dress“I actually surprised myself when i chose my wedding dress, Its a style i will only ever wear that one day“, Says Biel.

It was very feminine and fun,” says Biel, who wore yellow and pink diamond and rose gold rings by Martin Katz and whose something borrowed was a pink pearl bracelet from her mother-in-law,Lynn Harless.

It was so Jess. It was timeless but had its own eccentricities,” says Timberlake.

She was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. For the wedding Biel cattied a bouquet of chamomile ranunculus and ruckus and the pair exchanged gold bands with a hammer finish they designed with Leor Yeru-shalmi of the Jewelers of Las Vegas.”

Jessica-Biel-Justin-Timberlake-wedding-Jessica-wore-pink-bride-dressIt’s not black, but Jessica Biel walked down the aisle in a pink wedding dress designed by Giambattista Valli.

She’s looking beautiful! Radiant and flawless like a princess! Aren’t they lovely? And how nice of them to share the wedding album so quickly after the nuptials!

Jessica-Biel-Justin-Timberlake-Italian-wedding-venueWe really just want to remember Every Moment of the Day said Justin Timberlake.