A Smartphone Gadget Pintofeed Can Feed Your Pet

A Smartphone Gadget Can Feed Your Pet

A Smartphone Gadget Pintofeed Can Feed Your Pet: A new invention will provide users the opportunity to feed their pets away with the smartphone.

If you’ve ever dreamed feed our pet distance we can do so thanks to a new device: Pintofeed, a gadget that allows us to feed our dog or cat using a smartphone.
A Smartphone Gadget Can Feed Your PetOnce connected to the wireless network in the house you can activate the feeder from anywhere using a mobile application. The power rounds can be automated. The programmed can Pintofeed himself and create a personalized eating routine for us and our furry friend pet.

If you have more than one pet in the house can control multiple Pintofeeds from the same account, so that each serving him an animal. Multiple users can also access the same Pintofeeds, making sure that pets are always fed whatever happens. Once the pet has been fed can choose to be notified via SMS, Twitter or even Facebook.

Pintofeed food has a repository of 5 and 10 pounds to store food and keep it fresh. Food can be provided in half-cup portions, allowing to have an accurate record of how much food the pet is eating and help combat the problems that arise from situations in which animals overeat.

Pintofeed currently still in its prototype stage and is seeking U.S. $ 50.000 on IndieGoGo to begin production. When it goes on sale mentioned that the intention is to have a price of around $ 99. By now the crowd’s reaction seems to be positive, especially in these times, in which the animals increasingly spend more time alone while their owners are at work or away from home for various issues.

The existence of Pintofeed could solve more of a headache and become, at the same time, an efficient tool even for those at home. This is because, as mentioned, can help prevent animals overeat, which can be harmful.

Another thing is to know how animals react to such Pintofeed, since it is not unlikely that more than one reacted badly to not be pleased with the measures to provide the device every time you serve food to the pet. But it is still early to know how you will implement in its full version.

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