The Halloween Spirit 2012 Takes Over by Google

The Halloween Spirit 2012 Takes Over by Google

The Halloween Spirit 2012 Takes Over by Google: Google celebrates Halloween 2012 a year from its search Engine page. The Mountain View company wishes you a Happy Halloween to all users of the most original way, via a Google. Several typical Halloween pumpkin, a skeleton, a crow and a typical black cat opens the door to the haunted house of Google.
The Halloween Spirit 2012 Takes Over by GoogleThe U.S. company joins the Halloween celebrations as only they know, through one of his famous ‘doodles’. In 2011, the team decided to move Google Halloween tribute to its Mountain View Gardens, with their own hands carving giant pumpkins with the letters of Google.

However, this year’s tribute to Halloween returns to its natural habitat, the browser page, to celebrate the scariest holiday of the year. However, not all countries can enjoy the ‘doodle’ animated Halloween.

This time, how could it be any other ways, the ‘doodle’ is animated in a haunted house behind the doors is the Google logo mystery. Ghosts, skeletons, crows, a black cat that crosses all the ‘doodle’ and typical of this holiday pumpkins complete this’ doodle ‘animated and sound’ of the company.

However, the ‘doodle’ Halloween is limited to the pages of the search to certain countries like USA, UK, Germany or France. Spain is not among them but users only have to access Google changing.’s For the other domains. On the official website of Doodle appear the list of countries where you can enjoy the “terrifying” ‘doodle’ Halloween.