Why JYJ Yoochun Removed His Twitter Account?


Why JYJ Yoochun Removed His Twitter Account?: Deleting Twitter Account, Yoochun suddenly has made lots of fans curious about the reason for doing it.

Yoochun leave tweet on August 1, which reads, “I’m always very grateful that you always comfort me and show love and support you. I want to greet you in the future with music, acting and promotion of good … ^ ^ Once again, I sincerely thank you and I love you guys! ♥.

Twitter is a medium to communicate with fans Yoochun and his removal Twitter suddenly has led speculation.

Many have assumed that he was deleting his Twitter fans because sasaeng like Heechul Super Junior, but apparently that’s no reason to delete his Twitter Yoochun.

A representative Yoochun tells Osen on August 2,

In view of her fans, this is a step ‘suddenly’, and I think that’s why a lot of misconceptions emerged. He did not remove his Twitter for special reasons. He has ignored his Twitter after making so I think it made him nervous. Many fans were waiting for him to update his Twitter and send a lot of mention, but he could not answer every day so he decided it would be better to clear up his Twitter than ignore it.

“The reason to remove the Twitter not because he developed a personal problem not because he has changed his mind. ”

In related news, Yoochun is currently preparing to tour Asia Fan Meeting will commence on July 25 in Shanghai.