Tom Cruise Visiting Suri First Time After Divorce: This is the first time father and daughter (Tom Cruise and Suri ) have spent time together since ensconces and Suri has not been taken down from the arms of his father at any time. The first images of the actor and his little left when Suri was looking for his gym class, then moved to the hotel that hosts the actor.

Tom Cruise Visiting Suri First Time After DivorceThis is the first time father and daughter face off after announcing the surprising separation of loving couple. The actor had just finished shooting his next film and the first thing he has done has been to move to New York to embrace her daughter.

May have been a very emotional meeting, Suri since she had not seen her father since last June, when his parents announced that they would never again be together.

The small since the first time in the separation of their parents, not separated from his mother, who requested the emergency custody of Suri after announcing her split with Tom Cruise.

But the expected retrenchment has arrived and it seems that Suri was in tears when she saw her beloved father and accomplice, who introduced her to Scientology, why was Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to separate.

As reported by the U.S. website TMZ, when Tom Cruise came to New York in the morning, went looking for Suri into the apartment where she now lives with his mother and, apparently, in that brief visit Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were not the faces or even had contact.

Although Suri has been separated from her father during this time, it has been in contact with him by telephone and video conferencing, but no doubt this reunion have been very important for the small who will surely be missed terribly his ‘daddy’.