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Photographer At Caleb Cheong Photography
Photographer At Caleb Cheong Photography

About Caleb Cheong

Caleb Cheong was earning a business degree in Hawaii when he picked up his first camera while doing an internship with The Walt Disney Company. It was then that he realized that photography was something that he never knew that he enjoyed and hence on, he just wouldn’t put down his camera. Since then, Caleb has traveled around the world documenting cultural lifestyles in various countries and always telling life stories of those cultures.

Caleb worked commercially for 5 years, before deciding to go back to school to earn a degree in professional photography at the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Caleb Cheong Photography is a Lifestyle Visual Documentarian; specializing in Portraits and Weddings. Our philosophy is to deliver a very relaxed and personalized Photography experience. We believe that images tells the best stories. To get the best story, we need to find out more about you that will be translated into prints, albums and other materials that will last a lifetime.