iPad 7 Will Compete With Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire


Apple iPad 7 Will Compete With Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire: As had been rumored, Apple has in mind for later this year launch an iPad smaller and cheaper than today. According to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg the price will be around 199 U.S. dollars (158,321 euros) and will be announced in autumn, to compete with the newly introduced Nexus 7 from Asus and Google.

According to two anonymous sources have advanced close to the development of the smaller iPad to Bloomberg, the new model will have a smaller screen than the current iPhone version of 9.7 inches. The apple company bet on the 7 or 8 inches, a size that once Steve Jobs said it would not succeed in the industry.

As for the price of the next ‘tablet’ from Apple is likely to be similar to the Nexus 7, Google and Amazon Kindle Fire, around 199 U.S. dollars (158,321 euros). One change that will allow this price so low is that the iPad “mini” will not bring high-definition display (RTINA display) that characterizes the new iPhone today, according to sources.

The launch is expected to be officially announced by the company in October of this year, coinciding with the launch of the Nexus global 7, a very powerful device that is generating a lot of expectations in the sector.

The forecast of an analyst at Sterne Agee & Leach Inc., Shaw Wu, suggest that the new iPad could undermine the ambitions of Google, Microsoft and Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) to gain attraction in the advanced market of ‘tablet ‘.

Despite the leak of information about the new iPad, a spokesman for Cupertino, Trudy Miller, declined to comment yesterday on the Apple headquarters in California.

Since the iPhone went on sale in April 2010, Apple has become the market leader of the ‘tablets’. The company has earned 66.4 billion dollars (52.84 billion euros) in sales this year alone. According to Gartner Inc. the sale of ‘tablet’ of the company led by Tim Cook make up 61 percent of the market.

As one analyst at Ovum Ltd., Jan Dawson, the best chances of success for candidates in the market have been those that have focused on a market where Apple does not have a foothold. And that’s what took Google launching its ‘tablet’ more affordable than the current iPhone, but as the fight between Apple magnate search engine does not stop the latter seems to have made the decision to equate the price of its iPhone to the Nexus 7.

This news could be a further reason that Apple and Google enfrentasen to compete, in this case, the market for ‘tablet’. As if the iPhone really comes to prices similar to the Nexus 7 the fight for having the largest number of sales would be more acute than now.