Gavin Lurssen



Gavin Lurssen: Tanya Love, the cause of two proud on the Avenue of Stars of the Golden Melody Awards, she took the foreign sound engineer Gavin Lurssen, said.

She was her “good luck” after the song is really won, she is also the celebration dinner, then want to talk about a vigorous love. “One Week” yesterday captured two streets embrace has apparently not “want to”, but has begun a vigorous love.

Tanya was photographed last month on the 27th Grammy recording engineer Gavin Lurssen from the residence to leave after dinner dating, also touched the buttocks, holding hands in public La tongue affection. Have reached marriageable age, Tanya, for fear of love “Jianguang Si is very low key last month.

She won the Golden Melody Awards and generous desire to love, but repeated media pressed not let it go on in the evening celebration party mouth, and even Mrs. Tsai is the day the first time I saw Gavin, and do not know the relationship between 2 people.

Tanya this year, 37-year-old, a friend of her love are happy to see her through the broker admitted that “the two are good friends, now the state is very happy,” the broker the Xu Shiyun said: “We did not deliberately conceal the time to fate, it is difficult to not open. ”

Tanya is the album producer, last year went to the United States Los Angeles to record albums and Gavin familiar nominated for seven Golden, she invited him to Taiwan when the media asked her ocean male boyfriend? She denied. Not hide the joy of celebration party asked about feelings: “You know how I did not pay her boyfriend? I am not a desert, occasionally spark.”