Personalize Gmail With Your Own Photos


The Web version is updated Gmail to customize the desktop background. In November last year, Google launched new themes to change the look of your email service, now also possible to customize the background more, including photos of their own.

As Google has published in the Official Gmail Blog, the different themes that can be implemented in the email from Google are very practical help to “differentiate between multiple Gmail inboxes (eg work and personal).”

To further customize their desktops, the computer giant Google has decided to integrate a new section that allows the establishment of a fund itself, raising their own user images directly by selecting one of the photos Google + or simply pasting any URL of a photo we want to select.

Along with this ability have added another two subjects, Light and Darkness will to use that image as the user places of Gmail and change background color and font menus to highlight the image.

Another option is to customize the desktop depending on how the user is on that day, as Gmail has called on the blog “If you want to soak up the sun on a tropical island, or just reminisce about last year’s holiday with family , your Gmail account can now be customized to your mood. “

Currently this option is not yet available, although the option will be included soon, so all Gmail users can change the look in the e-mail from Google.