Opera 12 More Secure Stable And Accelerated

Opera 12 More Secure Stable And Accelerated

Opera 12 More Secure Stable And Accelerated by ‘Hardware’: Opera Software has released the final version of Opera 12, the latest update for your browser. The ‘browser’ has changed the skins for themes to customize the look, includes more security options and is more stable, among other innovations.

First, the Norwegian browser company ‘software’ has changed its system of skins to make it more similar to other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. For this reason, not now be called ‘skins’ but issues and have their own website (https://addons.opera.com/es/themes/).

Opera 12 More Secure Stable And Accelerated    As for features, Opera 12 allows web applications to use the webcam installed on your computer (after acceptance by the user). Some of them are available in demo mode are Photo Booth (http://shinydemos.com/photo-booth/), Polaroid (http://shinydemos.com/polaroid-taker/) or Facekat (http://shinydemos.com/facekat/).

In addition, Opera has enhanced its “patch” of security, an indicator used to know how to use web data and personal information. With a quick glance, the surfer can tell if the page is “secure”, “reliable” or if, for example, has been optimized for a load “turbo”.

12 operates has also incorporated new languages, so that already supports 60 present different. Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew and Kazakhstan are the five new additions to this version, so that Opera estimated 400 million new people can use the browser in your language.

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