Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Preview Release


Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Preview Release: Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 8 Preview Release, the next step leading to the introduction of the new operating system Windows 8. Windows 8 Release Preview can be downloaded in 14 languages​​, providing a fast and fluid experience and incorporates a new user interface that responds to both touch keyboard and mouse. In addition, as of June 2 the company will release Windows Upgrade Offer to upgrade PCs with Windows 7 the new OS.

Last February, Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the first version showed that Redmond’s new operating system. This version broke a new record for the company because in the first 24 hours it was available had more than a million downloads, a record that makes Windows 8 in the Microsoft operating system most tested of all time.

However, the Microsoft team’s work does not stop there. On Thursday, Microsoft has released Preview Release of Windows 8, the final phase of development of Windows 8 before moving on to manufacturing, has assured the company.

Windows 8 Release Preview includes new applications from Microsoft and other developers. Among the highlights include Bing Travel, News and Sports, and Games and Music applications that integrate with Xbox Zune Pass.

Windows 8 Release Preview offers significant improvements in Email, Photos & People, who saw the light for the first time Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In addition, Microsoft has worked closely with other developers to provide applications around the world through the Shop Windows.

In addition to new Microsoft applications and third party customers to prove Release Preview Windows 8 will also enjoy tens of thousands of improvements throughout the product, for example, more options for customizing the home screen, more support for the use multiple monitors, improved way to find and download applications through the shop windows, and new security features familiar.

Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Preview Release Video