Google TV Will Arrive Shortly to Europe by Sony


Google launches TV: Google TV Will Arrive Shortly to Europe by Sony: Google TV hit UK on 16 July by Sony, who will release his first ‘hardware’ with direct access to the platform. Other European countries, including Spain, have to wait a few months to see the online TV service from Google.

The online search giant already has experience in the industry with its launch of Google TV in the U.S. two years ago. Since then Google has worked on the redesign of the interface of this technology to be launched in other markets. Special versions of Youtube, Twitter and some websites, and a search system specially designed for television, several of the innovations of the new design of Google.

The company whose search engine is the most used by users expected to increase the number of users who choose to rent movies and other content through the new service it offers. A company spokesman said the Internet through the TV needed to be “supported a richer experience” than it is on your computer.

Given the rivalry between Google and Apple is not surprising that there are rumors that Tim Cook and his team are working on similar technology. However, the philosophy of both companies appears the same as in the mobile sector. While Apple seems to work on their own platform, Google made available from leading manufacturers its commitment to use it freely.

The July 16 is the date the ‘set-top box’ NSZ-GS7 with Google TV from Sony will strike out in Britain and the U.S., and then in Canada, Australia and several European and South American countries. It first premiered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January. In addition, for October is scheduled to launch player ‘blu-ray’ to take into Google TV, called GP9.

The managing director of Sony in the UK and Ireland, Gildas Pelliet, claimed that the new devices expand “the scope and interoperability of the power of the Android platform with smartphones, ‘tablets’ and audio and video products from Sony” .

Google’s browser is built into the device, which also features a remote that has a ‘touchpad’ on one side and a full keyboard on the other. In fact, a ‘smartphone’ or a ‘tablet’ can also be used as a remote control through the free Remote Media.

Google launches TV